The Emergency Response Equipment Specialists

Mako Fire, is a wholly Australian owned company that specialises in a diverse range of fire equipment, forestry safety equipment, rescue equipment, industrial safety equipment, height safety equipment, mining equipment and medical and first aid equipment.

We service a wide variety of customers, including Fire Fighting Agencies, Police, Councils, the Defence Force, Marine, Forestry, Mines and Industry.

It is vital for us to ensure that every customer receives the highest quality of service and is provided the most up to date and accurate information or product possible.

We are able to provide recommendations for the most suitable type of Fire Fighting/Medical or Rescue equipment that your company or organisation reqires.

If a product is not on our website, we will endeavour to find it for you. With over 200 local and international suppliers, we are sure to be able to assist with all your fire, medical, safety, rescue or mining needs.