Aerial Water Transport


Aerial Water Transport Tanks are a helicopter slung container which enables efficient and fast transportation of firefighting water, potable fresh drinking water or liquid foam concentrates to ground crews where no direct land access is available.

These units may be slung from helicopters in configurations of one or more depending on the helicopter capability.

Along with our Collar Dams, our Aerial Water Tanks are a rapid way to provide a fresh supply of drinking water to disaster stricken areas in times of need.

Disaster response to areas where land access is difficult or impossible. Even in areas of conflict where drinking water is required by troops on the ground. (Black, Grey or ARMY Green Tanks can be manufactured)

These tanks are constructed from PVC coated woven polyester fabric which has excellent flexibility and strength characteristics.

  • The fabric is rip stop constructed to prevent tears
  • Double side coating for easy cleaning
  • All-welded construction
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Inlet 4″ (100mm) at top
  • Outlet 1″ (25mm) or 1½” (38mm)
  • Ball Valves, hose supply lines and taps also available.

A variety of sizes are available upon request.