ALL GLOVE Fire Pro 2 Level 2 Structural Glove


The Firepro 2 is a superior multi layered glove incorporating a moisture/pathogen barrier membrane laminated onto a Nomex/Kevlar liner.

The firepro 2 possesses excellent heat and cut resistance while still retaining maximum feel and dexterity. The innovation of the Australian glove industry’s first ever cut and sewn laminated fire glove liner/insert provides waterproof, breathable performance, an excellent integration of technology and manufacturing expertise.

The Firepro glove inserts are a combination moisture barrier and thermal cut resistant KEVLAR NOMEX liner, the use of this state of the art technology results in a thinner, more secure insert perfectly crafted to fit the Firepro Hi-Wear outer shell glove pattern.

Fully accredited to AS 2161.6 as a level 2 structural fire fighting glove.