BLACKJACK Helmet Torch Holder


Mako Fire is the Authorised Australian Distributor for Blackjack Holders.

The Blackjack helmet torch holder is designed to hold the light under the brim of the helmet, parallel to the line of sight of the user. The PATENTED design incorporates multiple points of contact between the light and the helmet, this feature combined with the under the brim design helps to virtually eliminate entanglement.

The Blackjack Helmet Torch Holder has four models that accommodate the majority of lights and cameras used it the fire service today, including 2AA, 4AA, and Tactical style with lithium batteries lights. The Blackjack Helmet Torch Holder is made from 6061 aluminium and has an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.


“Will the visor reflect the light into my eyes?”

No. When installed correctly, any light that gets caught by the visor is wrapped harmlessly away from the wearer’s eyes.

“Will a light on my helmet just get tangled up in a fire?”

The Blackjack’s patented under the brim design, with multiple points of contact, all but eliminates this hazard. When installed correctly, the Blackjack presents less of a profile than most visor mount assemblies.

“Can I mount the Blackjack on top of the brim?”

Yes, but by mounting the Blackjack “upside down” the wearer instantly creates a snag factor that is not normally present.

“Will putting a light on my helmet make it tilt to one side?”

The Blackjack’s patented design brings the weight of the light and the bracket closer to the centerline of the helmet where the weight is easily dissipated by the mass of the helmet. Most wearers do not realize it is on the helmet.

Blackjack Holders are available for Helmet Cameras and UK Torches. (Minimum orders apply)