Bullard Structural Fire Fighting Helmet


The Bullard Structural Fire Fighting Helmet is an extremely high quality Structural Helmet that is used widely throughout the USA, as well as several major fire services in Australia.

Manufactured from ULTEM, a high heat, super tough Thermoplastic this helmet will not fracture, crack or delaminate when impacted or dropped.

The Bullard Structural Fire Helmets outer shell provides far greater impact and penetration resistance than fibreglass composite helmets and is more reliable with repeated heat exposures.

The first thing you will notice when you look at, or try this Structural Fire Fighting Helmet is how well manufactured it is, and the incredible high quality.

The fire helmet is engineered to include 12 points of adjustment; you can adjust the ride and balance of your helmet. It’s like having a custom-fitted helmet, designed just for you.

Additional adjustment points permit custom fit, personalized balance and interface with SCBA.

The high quality internal harness system is extremely comfortable and is positively secured without the use of Velcro.

Minimum use of external holes on the Bullard Structural Fire Helmet ensure greater strength and reliability.

The high quality visor is certified and is also vision corrected to minimize distortion.

Australian Standard Certified. AS/NZ 4067/2004