Burnshield Rescue Burns Kit


This specific burn kit was developed to provide maximum efficiency where burns present a major risk. Portable, professional and comprehensive.

Product Code: 900813 Kit: 145mm x 115mm x 320mm

Content: 16 Items supplied in a portable nylon bag:
x2 Burnshield Dressing 100x100mm (4″x4″)
x2 Burnshield Dressing 200x200mm (8″x8″)
x2 Burnshield Dressing 600x400mm (24″x16″)
x1 Burnshield Digit Dressing (25mm x 0,5m) (1″x20″)
x1 Burnshield Limb Dressing (50mm x 1m) (2″x40″)
x1 Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml (4.5 Oz) Spray
x2 Proform Bandage 50mm
x1 Plastipore Plastic Tape
x1 Cohesive Soft 1 Foam Bandage
x1 Levtex Pair of Gloves
x1 First Aid Scissors (Bandage)
x1 Rescue Blanket Adult