FAT BUOY Collar Dam (Buoy Wall/Onion Tank)



Fire and Safety Solutions have now just released our latest range of Collar Dams (Buoy Walls, Onion Tanks) affectionately named “Fat Buoy”

This tank range is exclusive to Fire & Safety Solutions.

Our Fat Buoy’s are high quality tanks that have unique and innovative features that are currently not available on any other dams.

Each tank that is over 7500ltrs (1650gals) is supplied with 2 Powerflare Strobes for easy identification at night or low light conditions. (Choice of Red, Green, White or Amber). These clip onto the side of the tank.

For those of you who know how tricky it can be to sometimes to pack tanks away, we have now included a storage bag as well as the ground sheet.

Our “Fat Buoy’s” can be manufactured to hold potable drinking water, which is ideal for disaster response.

For Fire Fighting purposes, each tank 7500ltrs and above are Helicopter capable. This means that each Collar Dam, (Buoy Wall, Onion Tank), has a more rigid collar to prevent rotor down wash from pushing the sides down. All tanks now come with a white collar to improve aerial visibility.

In addition, we supply a complete choice of outlet type and size. Whether you require a metal fitting or poly, outlets (from 38mm to100mm) positioned anywhere on the tank, we custom build.

Our Fat Buoy’s come with a 12 month guarantee!

  • Centralised water source for ease of refilling appliances from inaccessible rivers/creeks or dams.
  • Aerial Firebombing, Helicopter Refill.
  • Training Hose Lay Fire Suppression System providing water to the flanks of a fire where appliances cannot obtain access
  • Hazmat operations ie. Decontamination showers or temporary contaminated material storage
  • Potable Drinking Water for Disaster Response, Emergency Drinking Water

Sizes available are:


-7500ltr (H)

-10,000ltr (H)

-12,000ltr (H)




NB: Also available are our full range of Helicopter Liquid Transport Tanks (HLT Tanks)