Light Weight Tripod


Developed over many years of field experience. The unit has a small head frame to make it very compact for travel. Spring loaded legs minimise accidentally closure and possible fall into the manhole, there is no leg chain or locking bars to get in the operators way, and each leg is independently adjustable over a wide range. This unit is built for a long service life.

Tripod Head:

Swivel Eye Bolt
Spring Loaded Legs
All Steel Construction

Special Bracket For Tri-pod Leg Attachment
Positive Locking
Easy And Quick To Attach/ dismount
Pully Block:

Can Swivel to Suit Load
Easy to Remove and Install
Leg Pin:

Stainless Steel Construction
Patent Pending
Click Fit And Lock
The Tripod can be used in conjunction with the RE15 winch system. The RE15 automatically locks if the rope is let go of or dropped.