Maillon Rapide Delta



The Maillon Rapide (Quick Link) is a low cost alternative connector.

Maillon Rapides are easy and safe to use and require very little maintenance.

The advantage of using the Maillon Rapide lies in its versatility and effectiveness.

Despite their small size, Maillon Rapides have unmatched strength.

The safety margin is five times the guaranteed working load limit (WLL).

In addition to all this they come in various sizes, shapes and materials providing endless options.

The Maillon Rapide Delta is ideal in situations where a three-way load is exerted but can be used for a variety of applications such as climbing rope, anchors and harness-to-chest harness connectors.

Product Specifications

    Size   Dimensions (mm)     Weight Working Breaking   mm L.T. L.I. H.T. H.I. O E T Kg/100pcs Kg kg Delta – Zinc Plated Steel                 VMR DS04 435.5 27.5 40 32 5.5 12.5 6 1 350 100 500 VMR DS06 6 47 35 56 44 7.5