MAKO Fire Fighting Flash Hood NOMEX



Our MAKO Nomex Flash Hood offers more square inches of protection. The MAKO Nomex Fire Fighting Flash Hood is 100% Nomex which has been, and is currently, the most popular material used in Flash Hoods throughout the world.

The notched shoulder and longer length allows for a proper fit and added protection across the chest.

The longer length (3 inches longer than NFPA requires) assures that this hood will stay tucked inside other required equipment.

CERTIFICATION Meets or exceeds NFPA 1971-2007 Edition and is UL Certified. Meets or exceeds Cal/OSHA Standards.

STYLE: 2 ply, two piece design with notched shoulders.

LENGTH: From top of head to bottom: 21 inches

SIZING: One size fits all. Do not modify, change, or alter your protective hood in any manner.

CONSTRUCTION SEAMS: All seams are merrowed, and then top and bottom covered with a 5-thread cover stitch for extended durability.

All bottom edges are bound with binding.

THREAD: 100% Nomex.


Hoods maintain protective properties after machine washing.

• Machine wash only using regular detergent
• Water temperature not to exceed 1300 F
• Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing chlorine
• Do not use fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softeners
• Do not wring hood to dry. Squeeze hood to remove excess water.
• Shape and lay flat in a dry, cool, shaded location to dry.
• Or Tumble dry, low heat.
• Do not commercially dry clean.
• Do not store your hood in direct sunlight.