Protek 600 Ground Monitor



The Protek 600 is highly manoeuvrable with a low profile design for stable operation.  Horizontal operation is adjustable to 20 degrees either side of centre.  Elevation is adjustable to between 30 and 60 degrees un-manned.

Flow range is up to 1900lpm. It allows for unmanned operation at the fire scene to save manpower.

It is compact and lightweight at only 7kgs.  The legs fold for easy storage.  Carbide tip spikes on the base for support with long term wear resistance and ground stability.

The monitor body is hard coated anodized aluminium with tough powder coating inside and out. Option of a Straight Bore Deluge Tip or Protek Adjustable Gallonage Master Stream Nozzle

Protek Plain Deluge Tip
Model: PR-117

2 ½” Inlet
Length: 9”
Standard Discharge: 1 ½”
Optional Discharge: 1 ¼”, 1 3/8”, 1 ¾”

Protek Adjustable Gallonage Master Stream Nozzle
Model: PR-822
250-375-500 GPM

Length: 7” Weight: 4 lbs. Change flow settings with easy turn of the baffle. Adjust pattern w/ large control handles. Built-in stream shaper 2 ½” Female Swivel Inlet