Proximity Suit


The Aluminised Proximity Suit is made from an Aluminised Nomex outershell with a mositure barrier and thermal liner.

Product Features:

  • Hood – Internal hard cap with polycarbonate visor and ELLGARD Gold Heat REflective Visor.
  • Coat Collar – contoured design for maximum thermal protection.
  • Coat Style – “Y” style coat design to provide ease of mobility and minimum coat rise.
  • Coat Closure – heavy duty zipper with 50mm Velcro closure system on outside storm flap for extra heat and moisture protection.
  • Coat Sleeves – feature Nomex knitted wristers for total protection.
  • Trousers – adjustable Velcro side tabs.
  • Trousers – include 50mm heavy duty braces.
  • Boots – Velcro closure tab with heat resistant soles.
  • Complete suit contains – hood, coat, trousers, gloves, boots and gear bag.
  • Breathing Apparatus – coats are available with accomodation for self contained BA equipment.