Ram Fan


We can supply a wide variety of Ram Fans to suit your needs.

To accomplish Positive Pressure Ventilation requires specialized blower equipment to entrain, pressurize and force air through a building.

RAMFAN PPV products have been designed with that specific purpose in mind. PPV is the best method of ventilation for:

Controlling airborne contaminants
Replacing interior air
Removing heat
Supplementing fixed ventilation systems

RAMFAN turbo blowers are engineered and built to meet the toughest workplace conditions using lightweight materials and high-performance turbofan blades.

This new approach has resulted in a lighter, smaller, portable ventilator line while increasing durability, performance and value.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Euramco Safety’s Southern California location and distributed through a worldwide net of knowledgeable industrial safety and fire equipment distributors, Euramco Safety takes pride in being a design-based OEM who continues to innovate, improve its product line and to fulfil its customers’ needs.