Rapier Fire Fighting Hose


Rapier® is an extruded fire hose which means that it has a PVC/nitrile outer cover. It is classified as a Type 3 fire hose and is a popular choice for both fire brigades and for industrial plant protection. The extruded cover gives it protection against abrasion damage plus making it easy to wipe free of oils stains and dirt.

The extruded cover comes in a standard red colour but other colours such as yellow or blue can also be supplied. This can help differentiate between fire hose (red) and wash-down hose (blue) on the same industrial site.

Rapier® requires no drying and is easy to store. It has Australian Standard AS 2792 and Australian Defence Force DEF 5195A approval. We offer a wide range of couplings, which we securely fit to the hose and provide a test certificate if required. This means that you can confidently protect your life and property with a fully approved and tested fire hose.