Sabre Light Percolating Fire Fighting Hose



Sabre is a percolating hose which means that water seeps through the fabric jacket. This is achieved by pin pricking the hose so that water can flow through the fabric jacket and offer protection against burning coals. A thin water barrier thus prevents the hose from getting burnt.

The Sabre Fire Fighting Hose is a Class H fire hose with a high working pressure of 2100 kPa. This woven fire hose is made from filament polyester with a synthetic polymer lining. It has Australian Standard AS 2792 approval including a low percolation rate. However, it can be made with higher percolation if required.

  • LP – Low Percolation (Standard)
  • MP – Medium Percolation
  • HP – High Percolation

Sabre is fully synthetic and does not perish due to moisture, unlike the original canvas percolating fire hose. It does not require drying after use, although drying does prevent surface mould stains.


Choice of couplings available!