SCORCHA! Fixed Wand Drip Torch (Fire Lighter)



The Scorcha! Drip Torch features a butterfly on/off valve, which is much easier to use whilst wearing gloves.

The Wand is tough Steel,  and will also fit the Firebug Drip Torch.

The Wick is manufactured from perforated steel and fiberglass infill, so it will never fracture and never block, enabling consistent long term use.

Detailed operating instructions and fuel mix ratios are printed on the side as well as an additional fuel mix ratio on the lid. A full set of instructions is included.

Our Scorcha! has been put through its paces by several full time professional fire fighters who have given the thumbs up on both performance and price.

Only available in Orange



Fire Equipment is our passion, and Mako Fire provides only high quality fire equipment, at competitive prices. After many years of experience, we know the level of quality our clients expect from their fire equipment, and will not provide products that we feel are not suitable for the task or are of low quality. We are aware of some very cheap, sub-standard fire equipment that is being distributed in the industry, but we will not intentionally provide products that could potentially fail to work or put our customers at risk.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a Fire Lighter that comes complete with full instructions. If you have not used a Drip Torch/Fire Lighter before, please seek advice from your local fire brigade prior to using.