Streamlight Knucklehead Spot



As used by Fire Rescue NSW, the MFB and many other Fire Agencies Australia Wide and Over Seas, the Streamlight Knucklehead Spot is a very popular torch in the Fire Fighters arsenal.

This Smoke Cutter can throw a beam 227 metres on high, has a clip to secure it to your Turn Out Coat as well as a heavy duty magnet so you can have hands free operation by attaching it to anything metal like the side of a truck or car.

What really sets the Streamlight Knucklehead apart from all of the other personal torches, is its unique rotating head. If you find yourself having to get on your hands and knees in a Structure Fire, you can redirect the beam straight ahead rather than pointing down like traditional right angle torches.

If you are a member of an AFAC Government Agency, you are eligible to purchase the Knucklehead at the collaborative purchase price which is exclusive to MAKO FIRE.

Intrinsically rated to the following directives:

Class I & II Division 1, Groups C,D,F,G; Class III; T-Code: T4; Exia;

NON-INCENDIVE: Class I Division 2; Groups A,B,C,D, T-CODE T4

MSHA Permissible Flashlight; Approval. No. 20-4140001-0: Tested for Intrinsic Safety in Methane-Air mixtures only. Charge or replace batteries in fresh air only

Charger meets requirements of NFPA 1901- (2003) mounted in any position

Meets applicable European Community Directives.