Ferno Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher



Ferno Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher (Stainless Steel and Titanium)

These stretchers are a revamp of the classic Stokes military style stretchers.

The top rail is a full 2.5 cm making the stretcher easier to handle over extended periods.

The Traverse Titan Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher is reinforced with double stainless steel tubing at the head and foot ends for extra strength during vertical raises and lowers.

The Traverse Titan Titanium Basket Stretcher is made from titanium and is less than half the weight of similar steel and stainless steel baskets.

The stretcher’s ultimate strength is provided by frame geometry, superior construction methods and materials.

Both basket stretchers are tapered and available in one-piece or two-piece models.

Key features

  • StratLoad attachment points for secure attachment of lifting bridles
  • 25 mm top tube assists with grip, especially in long carries
  • Durathene netting offers greater safety and comfort to both patient and rescuer
  • Compatible with any Ferno backboard
  • Tapered feature allows easier access in confined areas
  • Moulded, high density polyethylene back support
  • Two-piece design hinges together at the bottom and secures on the top rail with integral threaded collars
  • Engineered to nest together when split
  • The Traverse Titan Titanium Basket Stretcher is lightweight and high strength.