OneSuit Pro Encapsulated Gas Suit



Affordable, lightweight, flame-resistant suit is now certified globally. USA, Europe and Asia.

Fire & Safety Solutions are an official distributer for the ONESuit® range of Encapsulated Gas Suits in Australia.

The ONESuit® Pro is the most affordable of the range and has a shelf life of 7 years, compared to 15 years for the other 2 Encapsulated Gas Suits in the ONESuit® range, the Flash & the Gard.

All three suits can be decontaminated and are fully reusable and, when in operation – no over cover is required.

The first thing you will notice about these level A (Type1) suits is how light and flexible they are. Weighing in at only 4kgs (Gard model), means the operator will not be as easily fatigued.

The material is so flexible and light weight that the suit can simply be rolled up and stowed into a small storage bag. Yes even the visor rolls up nicely too!

Most Gas Suits on the market today have the Gumboot welded into the suit, meaning that if you are a size 8 foot and the Gas Suit is an XL with a size 11 boot, you will be very clumsy underfoot.

The ONESuit® incorporates a unique internal sock that not only provides maximum comfort; you can put your own size boot back on.

The next thing that will surprise you is the dexterity of the gloves. You are able to hold a pen and write.

The OneGlove is as impressive as it is functional. It provides superior protection against cuts and punctures, chemical/biological agents, Industrial Solvents and chemicals as well as flash fires.

The OneGlove will not pull inside out when in use if the operator needs to remove their hand from it and then replace it.

The ONESuit® Pro hazmat suit has earned the highest level of certification recognized within the EU and Asia.

The British Standards Institute has deemed the suit compliable with the recognized benchmark in fire and hazmat safety for 30 different member countries, EN 943-2 Type 1a standard.

Along with EN certification, ONESuit Pro is the only ensemble certified in the United States to both NFPA 1991 and NFPA 1994 standards.

Specifically, the EN 943-2 Type 1a standard covers protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, including liquid aerosols and solid particles, meeting performance requirements for “gas-tight” chemical protective suits for emergency teams.

Contact Fire & Safety Solutions for more information or pricing about any of the OneSuit range of Encapsulated Gas Suits.