TeamMaster Pro – ET Encapsulated Suit



In addition to conforming to the latest standards,the Teammaster Pro ET combines advanced chemical and mechanically reistant material HIMEX with an internal respiratory protective device to ensure overall chemical and gas protection

The one-piece TeamMaster pro – ET is a gas-tight chemical protective suit which conforms to the current EN 943-1:2002, type 1a.
In addition, the TeamMaster pro – ET has now also been tested and certified in accordance with the latest EN 943-2:2002 and is approved in accordance with the currently valid vfdb (Association for the Promotion of German Fire Safety) guideline 08/02:2002-11. Furthermore, the suit is wheel-marked as per MED 2002/75/EC.
The TeamMaster pro – ET features a respiratory protective device (type 1a) worn inside the suit to protect the wearer from chemicals present in solid, liquid, aerosol or gas form.
The suit is made of high quality HIMEX® material. HIMEX® is known especially for its high mechanical and chemical resistance and its ability to withstand darting flames.
The visor is made of a highly chemical-resistant special PVC. The chemical protective gloves and safety boots are joined to the TeamMaster pro – ET for maximum protection against chemicals, yet are easy to replace.

Key changes

CE approval DK-0200-C.345 from 17-12-2003 in accordance with EN 943-1 + 2 (ET):2002, type 1a – (ET).
Additional fire brigade approval, no. 5301/04/1-CSA from 30-03-2004 in accordance with vfdb 08/02:2002-11
Shipping approval: MED approval (wheel mark), module B, 2002/75/EC from 05-02-2004 and module D, no. 20117-04 Lux, from 05-02-2003 from GL Luxembourg EC Identification No.: 0801
Cover flap fitted for gas-tight zip fastener in two versions
Optional closure direction of zip fastener
New extra-durable safety boots conforming to EN 345-2 FPA-CR, class S5, with reflecting fire brigade symbol.
Extended range of sizes for chemical protective suit, safety boots and chemical protective gloves
Useful life now extended to 10 years