Ram Fan (Euramco) Intrinsically Safe Blower



Ram Fan Portable Blower which is intrinsically safe. This unit is ideal for Rescue work to remove/suck harmful gases from confined areas or where potential casualties are trapped. The Ram Fan Blower can also be used in reverse to pump fresh air down into spaces.

8″/20cm Intrinsically Safe Portable Utility Blower. UB20XX 60Hz


  • Intrinsically safe blower — whole unit is UL certified for safe use in a variety of adverse atmospheres
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Anti-static housing for hazardous conditions
  • Tough dual wall casing — weather proof, chemical resistant and dent proof
  • Power cable is 30ft/9.1m long
  • Plug sold separately


Quick-CoupleTM Canister System


  • UB20XX blower featured with Quick-CoupleTM storage canister and attached 8″/20cm conductive duct in 15ft/4.6m or 25ft/7.6m lengths
  • Canister and attached duct easily reverse from discharge to suction
  • Canister detaches in seconds
  • Makes use and storage easier while protecting duct from rips and tears
  • Compatible with Manhole Entry System
  • Plug sold separately


Man Hole entry system

For ventilation in hazardous locations including manholes and other vertical confined spaces


  • Design allows easy entry/exit , only taking up 3″/7.5cm of the manhole
  • 90° elbow allows unobstructed airflow from blower down through vertical entry
  • 15ft/4.6m of conductive duct is provided for attachment above or below ground to meet unique ventilation needs
  • Plug sold separately
  • Parts may be individually ordered