Ram Fan (Euramco) Portable Electric Blower



Ram Fan Portable Blower. This unit is ideal for Rescue work to remove/suck harmful gases from confined areas or where potential casualties are trapped. The Ram Fan Blower can also be used in reverse to pump fresh air down into spaces.


8″/20cm Electric Portable Utility Blower


  • High pressure axial blower
  • Corrosion-proof, dent-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • 1/3HP motor
  • Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene housing
  • IP65 rain tested switch enclosure
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Compact, lightweight design


Quick-CoupleTM Canister System

  • UB20 Blower featured with Quick-CoupleTM Canister and 8″/20cm duct in 15ft/4.6m or 25ft/7.6m lengths
  • Canister and attached duct easily reverse from discharge to suction
  • Detachable in seconds
  • Makes use and storage easier while protecting duct from rips and tears

Man Hole Entry System

The M.E.D. allows workers to enter and exit small man-size openings while maintaining continuous ventilation. Without such a device, duct fills the manhole opening, preventing rapid entry and exit. Tightly integrated into the UB-line of confined space ventilation equipment, RAMFAN’s M.E.D. is quick to assemble and the new swiveling elbow makes duct alignment easy.

Changing its cross-section from circular to elliptical and back to circular minimizes loss and optimizes airflow into a confined space, while providing adequate room for the worker to enter and exit unimpeded. The rugged polyethylene construction endures heavy, negligent use and will last for years. Comprised of three components, the M.E.D., swiveling elbow, and manhole mount, the RAMFAN M.E.D. system increases safety by maintaining continuous airflow.

  • Ventilate without blocking entry
  • Maintain airflow while working
  • UB-line compatible
  • High impact polyethylene

Ram Fan Turbo Long Distance Solution

Quick-connecting two or more RAMFAN UB20 axial blowers in series increases airflow up to 50% when blowing through long and windy duct runs. Designed for 15 to 25 foot duct runs, the UB20 airflow significantly drops when blowing through more than 50 feet of duct or when confronted with multiple turns in the duct.

Long, windy duct runs need more power and pressure to deliver sufficient airflow, a costly proposition. The Turbo-Couple™ delivers what is needed by quickly joining two or more UB20’s in series, each adding pressure and power to deliver a dramatic airflow increase through the duct. Simple, cost effective and now available.

  • Pushes MORE air through long windy ducts
  • Ventilate through 250ft/75m duct
  • UB-line compatible
  • UB20xx compatible
  • High impact polyethylene